Tokiwa University Media and Information Technology Center
- Library calendar -


Year and month


  1Day(Mon): Open
  2Day(Tue): Open
  3Day(Wed): Close
  4Day(Thu): Open
  5Day(Fri): Open
  6Day(Sat): Open
  7Day(Sun): Close
  8Day(Mon): Open
  9Day(Tue): Open
  10Day(Wed): Open
  11Day(Thu): Open
  12Day(Fri): Open
  13Day(Sat): Open
  14Day(Sun): Close
  15Day(Mon): Open
  16Day(Tue): Open
  17Day(Wed): Open
  18Day(Thu): Open
  19Day(Fri): Open
  20Day(Sat): Close
  21Day(Sun): Close
  22Day(Mon): Open
  23Day(Tue): Close
  24Day(Wed): Open
  25Day(Thu): Open
  26Day(Fri): Open
  27Day(Sat): Open
  28Day(Sun): Close
  29Day(Mon): Open
  30Day(Tue): Open

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